Loud Minds Mass Gaining Program


Look into our simple 5x5 mass gaining program below:

This program has helped us and many of our close friends gain not only mass and size but, also strength.

When following this program remember to push the weight each set and keep the breaks shorter. Try and go up after each round in weight even if that means you can only add 2.5lbs.

This program is only meant to be done every other day. On your off days feel free to strectch, go in the sauna or hit some light cardio.

Oh yeah... EAT, EAT, EAT.. Anything and everything.

Follow this simple plan and you are guarenteed to gain the size and strength that you want.



Follow the 5 x 5 program below.


Barbell Day (5x5):


Dumbell Day (5x5):

Incline Bench Press 5x

Barbell Curl 5x

Some version of Barbell Squat 5x

Barbell over hand grip row 5x

Under barbell lunge 15x each leg


Dumbell Flat Bench 5x

Dumbell rows neutral grip 5x

Dumbell reverse lunges 5x

Dumbell hammer curls to press 10x

Dumbell dead lift 5x