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Welcome to the D.J.P (Don't Judge People) movement! Derek Jon Pinder or better known by his stage name PeacefulPinder is the founder of the D.J.P movement and a recording artist from Seattle, Washington. Raised in the Pacific Northwest PeacefulPinder combines a number of musical influences to create a unique and vibrant sound true to the city's musical roots.  The core values of the Don't Judge People movement are Peace, Love and Unity which are expressed through the music and actions of every one involved in the creative process. The content created by the movement aims to be an inspirational/educational resource for life's journey, both the obstacles and opportunities. We believe life is about being authentic, we achieve authenticity by using our Loud Minds to manifest our highest self!



Dont Judge People Mixtape "DJP"

Dont Judge People Mixtape "DJP"