Fitness has been a keystone piece of each of us on the Loud Minds team. It all started out with our years and years of sports growing up. Constant practices, games and training throughout our lives has made us grow a love for the art of working out. Our team specializes in everything from sports agility training to strength training up to bodybuilding style workouts. We try to not limit our selves in what we do and want to accomplish. In order to be successful in anything you must first set and envision goals you have for yourself. Once you have set in stone what you want to accomplish you must manifest it everyday in your mind only. Then the times comes to put in the hard, sweaty work that it takes to reach those goals. Our team is not made up of personal trainers nor are we trying to compete in any type of shows in the future. But the one thing we do, do is give our all every day we are at the gym and it has paid off over the years. Each one of us has gained 15 plus lean pounds by following our workout routine. 

Our squad has developed a high intensity workout routine that not only is physically challenging but also will challenge your mental as well. Each person starting point is very different and we have accounted for that. I choose to set the rep and set ratio fairly high so that your endurance as well as strength will increase. We encourage anyone that is going to follow our routine to eat as healthy as possible, give your best each day you go into the gym, and also to increase weight in every set that you do. Increasing weight each set will not only help your strength and endurance but also will help you gain the size that you are looking for. Feel free to vary the different set and reps as some days you feel better than others. 

Each day we will be posting up our routine from that day. Given we workout 5-6 days a week with 3-4 days of cardio as well. We involve abs at the end of most workouts and at the minimum do some ab work every other day. All we ask if that you give us your 100% effort when following these routines. Each workout should take between 1 hr to 1 hr and half at most (dependent on cardio). If you follow our daily routines and give it everything you got including training and diet we can guarantee you will see great success and improvement not only physically but mentally as well. We are just a group of young men that are here to give you some of our secrets in how we have not only hit our goals but in most cases surpassed them.